How to Apply

The First Step

We'll get you started with the application process. We can help you every step of the way. If you have any questions during the process, feel free to call our office at (574) 520-4839.

Lifelong Learning and Professional Development

Priority Dates and Departmental Deadlines

Missing these dates may delay your admission until the following semester. All required information should be received to guarantee the receipt of required documents. The priority dates for each semester are:

  • Fall Semester – August 1
  • Spring Semester – December 15
  • Students eligible for the Early Start Summer Academy (GPA: 2.0-2.4) must apply by June 1 each year to be considered for this program. Those eligible for the Academy applying after June 1 will be deferred to the following summer's program.

The Dental Hygiene Program, Master of Science in Education: Counseling and Human Services, and School of Nursing have departmental application deadlines as well.

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Admission Requirements

Our students come from diverse backgrounds but share a common commitment to educational success. In making our admissions decision, we look for and consider factors that emphasize academic performance and preparation.

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Have you already applied? Were you admitted in a past semester?

If you've already applied or if you've been admitted in a past semester (within the past year) but you did not enroll, you can reactivate your application or admission by submitting a complete application update request. If you originally applied as a first-year student and you are now applying as a transfer student, please complete a new application and not the application update form.

Application Update Request Form