Joe Roth

Admissions Counselor
Diversity Recruiter
Office of Admissions

2000 Education and Arts Building

PHONE: +1 574 520 4839

Please allow me to start off by saying that I am extremely excited and fortunate to have found such an amazing team here at Indiana University South Bend. My name is Joe Roth, and I am new to the admissions team here at IUSB. Before embarking on this new journey, I had previously spent the last four years teaching History in the City of Chicago, while also working for a non-profit organization UNITE that worked to prepare future urban educators.

UNITE (Urban Needs In Teacher Education) found that many times new teachers would come to an urban area, feel overwhelmed, and then leave the following school year. This was highly detrimental to the students who needed more than just someone to deliver a lesson; they need a mentor, a role-model, someone with whom they can connect. UNITE, through workshops, weekly speaker series, and one-on-one mentoring, helped further equip new teachers will strategies and lessons as they embark on their new career.

I hope to take that same energy and use it in my new role here at IUSB; always looking through a social-justice lens . While I am new to the Admissions team, I am extremely excited to hit the ground running. The energy around here is contagious, and I am anxious to jump right in.

Please feel free to contact me with questions—I look forward to helping you reach your educational goals.