Health Insurance Waivers

Requesting & Submitting the IU Health Insurance Waiver

All enrolled international students at IU South Bend are automatically charged for the mandatory IU International Student Health Insurance plan premium each Fall and Spring semester/Summer session. The amount is billed to their student account by the Office of the Bursar in two installments: once for the fall semester, and once more for spring/summer.  

In order to waive out of the automated IU health insurance premiums, a student with alternative health insurance coverage must:

1) establish that certain basic coverage requirements (outlined in the Requirements section) are met, and 

2) ) submit the waiver request in iStart (see the Instructions section) each fall and spring semester throughout enrollment if electing coverage under an alternative health insurance plan. Students must be prepared to upload evidence of this alternative coverage at time of waiver.

Waiver Requirements

If you have health insurance from your home country (or other sponsor) or from a US based company that covers you while you are studying in the United States, you may waive out of the mandatory IU international student health insurance plan. In order to successfully waive out, first ensure that your policy is valid for the entire duration of the applicable waiver period(s):

Fall: 08/01 - 12/31
Spring: 01/01 - 07/31

In addition, your plan must meet or exceed the following minimum coverage levels:

$100,000 for each sickness or illness
Maternity Benefits: same as sickness; pregnancy, childbirth, and complications
$100,000 for each accident or injury
$50,000 for medical evacuation
$25,000 for repatriation
Deductible (or excess fee) of no more than $500 per sickness or injury (per person)

(All amounts and requirements in U.S. dollars)

You may submit a waiver request once you have verified that your insurance policy satisfies these requirements. 

Waiver Submission Instructions

Waivers must typically be submitted online through the relevant iStart eform. (Access the insurance waiver request eform.)

The lone exception is if a student is beginning studies at IU South Bend in the summer. All students beginning their first semester at IU South Bend in the summer must fill out the paper waiver instead. 

You can access the waiver eform up to 30 days before the first day of classes. The deadline to submit your insurance waiver is 10 days after the first day of classes; the waiver is unavailable after that period.

Below is a video walkthrough demonstrating how to access and submit the health insurance waiver on iStart.  

It is important that you provide accurate information about your health insurance policy to avoid denial of your waiver request. Be sure to confirm your provider's contact information, policy number/ID, coverage periods, etc., before submitting the eform.

Once your waiver request has been submitted, you will receive an email in your IU email account confirming its receipt, and a separate email with an approved or not approved notice. If your request is not approved, you will be signed up for the mandatory IU international student health insurance plan unless all necessary corrections are received before the waiver deadline. 

Ready to fill out and submit your waiver request? Access the insurance waiver request eform.