Confirming Your Admission

Welcome, Future Titan!

Confirming your admission is an important step toward becoming an IU South Bend student. It officially completes the admission process and enables you to register for student orientation and placement tests. You can use the confirmation form if you have been offered admission to IU South Bend.

Confirm your admission through One.IU

If you require further information or reflection before making a decision, we encourage you to tour campus, contact your Admissions Counselor at 574-520-4839 submit confirmation, or look through any of the online resources available on this site. If there is something specific with which we can assist you, please let us know. Whether you are confirming your admission today or requesting more time before a decision can be made, please keep in mind that we require you to confirm admission before enrolling in any course work.

Note: If you are declining your offer of admission, you may do so without creating a One.IU account.