Indiana College Core High School Certificate

Help your students get a big jump start on college!

The Indiana College Core (ICC) High School Certificate is available to Indiana high school students who complete 30 hours of general education coursework across six core competencies. While pursuing the educational requirements of the certificate, you will also have additional support from IU, including financial aid education, career development, and career exploration.

Once you have completed the certificate, not only will you begin your college career with a jump start on general education coursework but will also have guaranteed admission to each IU regional campus.

The ICC transfers as a block of 30 credits between all Indiana public colleges and universities.

Please note: The Indiana College Core does not add to, subtract from, nor change any requirements for a major or other degree objective. It is critical that you work closely with your academic advisors to determine what relationship, if any, exists between requirements for general education and requirements for a specific major and/or other degree objective. 

Indiana College Core High School Certificate Competencies

To complete the ICC, students will need to take at least one course from each of the six competencies listed below.

If you are currently a high school student, talk to your school counselor today to see if you can earn the ICC at your school.

Students must complete the ICC coursework with a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

ACP ENG-W131 Reading, Writing, and Inquiry - 3 credits

ACP SPCH-S121 Public Speaking - 3 credits

ACP MATH-M-118 Finite Math – 3 credits

ACP MATH-M-119 Brief Survey of Calculus – 3 credits

ACP MATH-M211/215 Calculus I – 4-5 credits

ACP MATH-M212/216 Calculus II – 4-5 credits

ACP MATH-M125 Precalculus Mathematics & MATH 126 Trigonometric Functions – 5 credits

ACP BIOL-L100 Humans and the Biological World - 5 credits

ACP CHEM-C101 & 121 Introductory Chemistry – counts as 2 courses for 5


ACP PHYS-P221 Physics I – 5 credits

ACP PSY-P101 Introductory Psychology I – 3 credits

ACP CSCI-C102 Great Ideas in Computing – 3 credits

ACP HIST-H 105 American History I – 3 credits

ACP HIST-H 106 American History II – 3 credits

ACP PSY-P102 Introductory Psychology II – 3 credits

ACP ECON-E 201/103 Introduction to Microeconomics – 3 credits

ACP ECON-E 202/104 Introduction to Macroeconomics – 3 credits

ACP POLS-Y103 Intro to American Politics – 3 credits

ACP SOC-S100 Introduction to Sociology – 3 credits

ACP EDUC-F200 Examining Self as Teacher – 3 credits

ACP BUS-X100 Business Administration: Introduction – 3 credits

ACP ENG-L111 Discovering Literature – 3 credits

ACP ENG-L202 Literary Interpretation – 3 credits

Online – FOLK-F111 World Music Culture – 3 credits

INTL-I100 Introduction to International Studies – 3 credits

AFAM-A150 Survey of the Culture of Black Americans

ACP FRIT-F150 First-Year French Level II – 3 credits

ACP FRIT-F200 Second-Year French Level I – 3 credits

ACP FRIT-F250 Second-Year French Level II – 3 credits

ACP GER-G150 First-Year German Level II – 3 credits

ACP GER-G200 Intermediate German Level I – 3 credits

ACP GER-G250 Intermediate German Level II – 3 credits

ACP HISP-S150/104 First-Year Spanish II – 3 credits

ACP HISP S200/105 Second-Year Spanish I – 3 credits

ACP HISP S250/204 Second-Year Spanish II – 3 credits

CHRI-C151 Minority People in the United States – 3 credits

Total Transfer General Education Core: 30 credits minimum

Please NOTE: The State of Indiana mandates that any campus certifying the Indiana College Core require a minimum of 3 credits in each of these six areas, plus an additional 12 credits of the institution’s choosing to reach the 30-credit total to earn the ICC certificate.

The curriculum map for students is determined by both the available college-level credits and which IU campus is associated with the school’s region. In north central Indiana, your campus would be IU South Bend.

IU South Bend’s General Education program totals 33 credit hours. Students who enroll at IU South Bend for their post-secondary undergraduate education will be required to take one additional, qualifying 300-level course.

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