Health Insurance

Health insurance is a requirement.

All international students and scholars in F-1/F-2 and J-1/J-2 status are now required to enroll in the IU International Plan through Anthem. The IU International Anthem Medical, Vision, and Dental Policy Summaries can be downloaded here under "Benefit Information."

Medical benefits

This includes things like vaccinations and immunizations, annual physicals, and regular doctor appointments. Women are covered for annual well-women visits and contraceptives, if desired.

In the U.S. many insurance companies do not provide coverage for any kind of pre-existing condition or sickness for which you were treated before the effective start date of your insurance policy. In many cases, pregnancy is treated as a pre-existing condition.

Anthem covers maternity care regardless of when/where the baby was conceived. This covers the expenses for pre-natal care, delivery, complications, and the first 30 days after your baby is born.

Anthem covers things like counseling and disability testing as well as alcohol/drug related treatment.

Anthem covers your medical costs in the event that you have a serious injury/accident (like a car accident).

Anthem will provide coverage for injuries caused by participating in sports (even intramural or intercollegiate sports). Most other insurance companies will not.

Anthem includes coverage for short-term rehabilitation or physical therapy when it is prescribed by your doctor.

Non-medical benefits

With the Anthem Dental Complete plan, Anthem will pay for two oral exams and teeth cleanings every year. Other dental services are covered at 50%.

Anthem automatically enrolls you in the Blue View Vision plan. Receive one eye exam per year with a $20 copay, and take advantage of discounts on eyewear and more.

Academic Emergency Services provides assistance worldwide and can assist with:

  • Physician referrals
  • Emergency travel arrangements for you or your family (in case you are injured)
  • Lost travel documents
  • Legal referrals
  • Lost luggage
  • Evacuation for political reasons
  • Evacuation for natural disasters
  • Emergency translation assistance or interpreter referrals

Not sure if you need to see a doctor or go to the Emergency Room (ER)? Call Anthem's 24/7 NurseLine to chat with a registered nurse about any health-related issue, and get help finding the nearest medical provider or specialist.

In the U.S., most insurance companies have a "preferred provider network" or "in-network doctors." This simply means that they contract with certain doctors to provide care to their patients at a reduced cost to the insurance companies.
This means you should always use a preferred or in-network provider. Anthem has a very large list of doctors that they consider to be preferred providers, which means that you see a lower cost of your visit/care.

You can search for a specific type of doctor, doctor's gender, or even geographical location.

Download the Anthem Anywhere app on your mobile device to access your health insurance information, including your ID card, benefit information, and provider network.

You don't need to leave your house to seek medical care anymore. Sign up for LiveHealth Online, and have an appointment with a doctor through live video on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. For more information, see here.

Please read the policy summary carefully to understand the services that the Anthem plan covers. Remember, no insurance plan covers 100% of all medical costs. However, the Student Health Insurance Plan offered through the University offers comprehensive coverage at an affordable cost. In addition, by using the Health & Wellness Center in the Student Activity Center, you can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You will be required to pay the charge for all services received at the time of service.

Coverage will become effective on August 1 for fall semester and end December 31, and January 1 through July 31 for those starting coverage in the spring semester. For those beginning study in the summer II session, coverage begins at the start of the summer semester, June 3, and continues through July 31. Although your record is not sent to the insurance company until after the deadline for waivers, you are covered starting on the effective dates above. Please note that you do not need an ID card to begin receiving benefits for which you are eligible.

Many doctors and hospitals will file a claim for you if you provide them with information about your insurance coverage. You may have to pay some part of the bill, but these doctors and hospitals will send the rest of the bill to the insurance company. However, many doctors and health care providers require that you pay them directly; you must pay the full amount of the bill when you visit. Claim forms and instructions for filing a claim can be found in the menu of links to the left.

Waiving Out of the IU International Plan

All international students are required to purchase the IU International plan with a few exceptions:
* Graduate students with Assistantships or Fellowships that provide insurance coverage
* IU students covered as a child or spouse on a U.S.-based employer plan
* Sponsored and exchange students whose sending organization (SACM) provides approved health insurance

Additional Questions?

IU Human Resources
Student Insurance Specialist
Telephone: 812-856-4650