Replacement of Documents

It is important to immediately report any lost or stolen documents to the appropriate authorities. If you do not have photocopies of your missing documents, check with the OISS as they may have some on file.

Local Police

If you have not already filed a report with the police in the area where your documents were lost or stolen, contact the IU South Bend Police at (574) 520-4499 or South Bend Police Department at (574) 235-9201 to file a report. The police may be able to provide you with additional information and resources.

Identity Theft Concerns

Be sure to check your accounts for any documents stolen (such as credit cards, checks, ATM cards, etc.) and contact your banking institution if necessary to cancel or put a temporary hold on any accounts.  You may want to check your credit report to make sure no one has opened a credit card or other accounts under your name and charging purchases in your name. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires three companies to provide you with one free credit report every 12 months.  See the following U.S. Federal Trade Commission web’s page for more information. To obtain a free credit report, go to  It is especially important to check your credit if your Social Security Card or written Social Security Number was lost or stolen with your identification.