Arrival Housing

Temporary Housing

If you are not able to move in immediately to your permanent housing, please arrange for a temporary stay at the hotel you find most convenient to campus or local transportation. There is a hotel near the South Bend airport with bus service into the city. Likewise, there are several hotels in downtown South Bend near buslines that pass by IU South Bend’s campus. Costs can range from $60.00 to $100.00 a night.

Students who are contracted to live in on-campus housing prior to arrival should discuss terms and costs of an early arrival with Housing and Residence Life staff.

If you plan to live on-campus during the school year, you will need to sign a contract either before your arrival or within your first night in arrival housing.  Arrival housing charges will be billed to the student's bursar account. Please monitor your bursar account for these fees.

If you plan to live off-campus during the school year,you will need to arrange for temporary housing while you get your lease signed.  There are many hotels to choose from in South Bend.  Visit to find a hotel you prefer.

What’s to Eat After Arrival

There are a variety of restaurants and markets in the South Bend area that will meet most tastes and dietary needs, including a grocery store, "Martin’s", just across the street from on-campus housing. The OISS will provide you with a directory of local restaurants and groceries, upon request.

Looking for more helpful information? Download our Pre-Arrival Information Packets: Arriving to the U.S. from Abroad or Arriving to South Bend from within the U.S., and complete your Pre-Arrival Checklist.

Still have questions? Contact the Office of International Student Services.