IUSB Bend Math Placement Exams

Who Takes the Exam?

Graduate students are not required to take a math placement exam. Most undergraduate students are required to take the math placement exam. However, you are waived from the requirement if:

    • You have transferred in a math course from another college or university equivalent to a 100-level or above math course at IU South Bend.
    • You took an IU South Bend math course as a high school student and received credit for it.
    • You were granted credit for an Advanced Placement (AP) exam, IB exam, or A level exam.
    • You took the math placement exam at IU Bloomington or IUPUI (we do not accept placement exam scores from any other college/university).

      Please read through this information prior to taking the exam.

Assessment and LEarning in Knowledge Spaces (ALEKS) is IU South Bend's math placement tool. This assessment will provide you and your academic advisor with information on your mathematical strengths and weaknesses. When you register for classes, your advisor will use your ALEKS score to place you in the math course that gives you the best chance for success.

ALEKS can be accessed at any time using any computer with a reliable internet connection. Students need to complete ALEKS at least one week prior to attending a new student orientation or meeting with an advisor to register for classes.

This is a free-response assessment; there are no multiple choice questions. Before you take the assessment, ALEKS will present a short tutorial on how to enter answers, how to use the graphing utilities, and how to use the built-in calculator that will be offered when appropriate (students should NOT use their own calculator). Take your time with this tutorial and be sure you understand how these features work.

What you need before you begin:

    • Your IU computer account username and passphrase. If you need to set up your account, go to Account Management Service. You will be asked to enter your last name, date of birth, and university ID number. New students can find their ID number on their admissions certificate.
    • A reliable internet connection.
    • Approximately 90 minutes of time.
    • A space conducive to doing your best work.

Math Scores (November 2015 - February 2016)

< 160-15Enhanced A100
>=3636 - 50K300, M107, M118, T101
>=5151 - 60M115, M125
>=6161 - 75K310, M126, M119
>=7676 - 100M215

Math Scores (prior to November 2015)

0Enhanced A100
1Enhanced A100
3K300, M107, M111, M118, T101
4M115, M125
5K310, M126, M119