Adult Learners

Helping you meet your goals

Looking for a new direction in your career? Interested in completing your degree? Seeking career advancement through education? Want to enrich your life through learning? Whatever your reason for wanting to take college or graduate classes, you will find that IU South Bend is eager to help you meet your goals.

It’s easy to get started at IU South Bend. Please call 574.520.4839 to set up a meeting with one of our admissions counselors or apply online on your own. If you need help financing your education, we encourage you to apply for the financial aid and scholarships we offer to qualifying students. Many adult learners enjoy getting involved in campus activities and organizations. There’s something for every interest and ability.

IU South Bend also offers other helpful services including:

  • Career testing through the Career Services Office
  • Both day and evening classes to accommodate all schedule
  • Online and Hybrid/Blended class offerings
  • Convenient classroom locations in South Bend & Elkhart
  • Tutoring services
  • A personal academic advisor to help you with course selection and degree guidance

We look forward to welcoming you to campus! Ready to apply?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have specific programs for adult students?

    We do not have specific programs for adult students. While some programs are more flexible than others, most students can schedule their courses in a way that is compatible with a work schedule and family or other personal obligations. Many adult students take advantage of some of our online coursework as well.

  • What if my high school or previous college record does not meet your academic standards?

    We have an adult appeal process for students over the age of 21 who do not meet our academic standards. This gives you the opportunity to explain your situation and offer additional information about your personal history including, but not limited to, work experience, military career, additional training or change in perspective. Placement exams, a written questionnaire, and an interview are required.

  • Do you have accelerated programs for adult students?

    All classes at IU South Bend, including online classes, are structured according to traditional semesters (Fall, Spring, Summer).

    There is an accelerated program in Nursing for students with previous training. There are also accelerated, year-round, 3-year degree programs in Business and Criminal Justice. These programs are open to any eligible student regardless of age.

  • I went to high school a long time ago. Will I still need to provide an official transcript?

    Yes, all students must provide official transcripts from their high school. These can typically be obtained by calling the high school directly or the school district administrative offices. In rare cases where a school is no longer in service, academic records are maintained by the state. All documents must be official; they should come from the school in a sealed envelope.

  • Will I feel out of place in classes at IU South Bend?

    While the majority of our student body is comprised of traditionally-aged students, we do have a large number of adult students taking classes and completing degrees on our campus. We take pride in the diversity of our student body and appreciate the dynamic that students from multiple perspectives bring to the learning experience.

  • I was in the military. What resources do I have available?

    There is a Veteran’s Affairs Office conveniently located right on campus. The VA Office is in the Education and Arts Building. To contact, please call 574.520.4115