Non-Degree or Guest Students

Guest Students

Guest students are students enrolling for a semester or summer session as visitors from another institution.

As a guest student you'll have the opportunity to take a class that did not fit into your previous schedule, lighten your upcoming fall and spring schedule, or graduate earlier. Start planning your schedule by reviewing our registration calendar and schedule of classes.

Here are the requirements you'll need to meet, and the materials you’ll have to supply, to become a guest student at IU South Bend:

  • College or university transcript indicating good academic standing. Other acceptable documents are a letter of good standing or the most recent grade report from the home institution.
  • Average or above-average achievement at the home institution (at least a 2.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale)
  • Students between their senior year in high school and their freshman year in college must submit a letter of acceptance from their home institution.
  • Students intending to enroll in computer science, English, mathematics, or a course in the natural sciences must show evidence of required prerequisites to the corresponding department for course authorization or complete IU South Bend's placement examinations.
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Non-Degree or Guest Student Applicants

If you have studied at IU South Bend previously or are seeking to resume as a non-degree student, you may not be required to complete a new application or pay the non-refundable application fee. Please contact the office of Admissions at 574-520-4839 with any questions you may have before you get started.

Post-baccalaureate Non-Degree Students

Students who hold a bachelor’s degree may choose to apply for non-degree work at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Undergraduate Level Applicants

Undergraduate Non-Degree Application

Graduate Level Applicants

Before applying as a non-degree graduate student, please contact the appropriate department directly to seek approval for course enrollment.

Graduate Online Application