Enrolled at IU while Studying in Another Country

Overseas Study—Enrolled at IU while Studying in Another Country

If you will be doing research overseas please call OISS at 574-520-4419 to schedule an appointment with an advisor.  If you have already left the US, please be sure to email OISS at oiss@iusb.edu to inform us of your departure. You will need to provide our office with documentation of your overseas study program, and you will need to be enrolled in coursework at IU.

While you are outside of the US for an overseas study program

    • You will need to submit an insurance waiver if you would prefer not to have the mandatory IU health insurance coverage while you are gone.  We will be able to help you with the insurance waiver, but do be sure to check your One.IU account regularly while you’re gone so that you can be sure that you’re not receiving unexpected charges.  You will need to make this request for each semester that you will be gone (no later than the first week of each semester).

    • You will be billed the international student fee each semester you are enrolled.

    • Please ask your academic advisor to send an email to oiss@iusb.educonfirming the approximate dates that you will be out of the US and what you will be doing while you’re gone.  You will need to be sure this information is sent to OISS by the end of the first week of classes.  We will use that information to update your SEVIS record and keep it active while you’re gone.  Depending on what your academic advisor says about how long you will be gone, you will want to be sure to take care of this for each semester that you will be out of the US.

    • Please log into One.IU and update your “local” address to: ℅ Int’l Services, 1700 Mishawaka Ave. South Bend, IN 46634.  We’ll use that to update your SEVIS record.  If your academic department prefers that you use their departmental address, please update your “local” address to their address, using “℅.”  This address information will be used to update your SEVIS record.

    • Please be sure you obtain a new travel signature on your I-20 before you leave the US.  If you have already departed the US, you will need to request a travel signature before you return.  You will need to be sure you allow enough time for shipping your I-20 to OISS and for us to ship it back to you if you have already left the US.