International Student Enrollment

Full-Time Enrollment

In order to maintain status, F-1 students must be enrolled full-time for each fall and spring semester. Enrollment in summer sessions is not required, unless a student begins a program of study at IU South Bend in the summer. If you begin your studies in the summer, please note that you will be permitted to enroll during the second eight weeks of the summer term only, and that you will be required to enroll full-time as listed for a regular semester (below).

    • For undergraduates this means enrolling in at least 12 credit hours each fall and spring semester.
    • For graduate students this means enrolling in at least 8 credit hours each fall and spring semester. 

Exceptions to full-time enrollment

There are some exceptions to full-time enrollment that are designed to assist students, but all exceptions need to be authorized by OISS before you drop below full-time.

Examples of exceptions:

  1. a first-semester student who is advised by an academic advisor to take less than a full load of courses due to language difficulties or unfamiliarity with US teaching methods;

  2. a student who must drop a class because they were placed in an incorrect level by an academic advisor;

  3. a student in his/her final semester of coursework who does not need a full load in order to complete degree requirements;

  4. a student who is advised by a doctor to under-enroll due to a severe medical condition.  (documentation by a US medical doctor, licensed clinical psychologist, or doctor of osteopathy is required)

To review these exceptions to full-time enrollment in more detail and request authorization for a reduced course load, please complete the Reduced Courseload Authorization Form with your academic advisor.  Dropping below full-time without authorization from OISS is a violation of your F-1 status!  If you are thinking about dropping below full-time, call OISS (574) 520-4419 and set up an appointment to talk with us about your options before you drop.

Concurrent Enrollment

You may be enrolled concurrently at IU South Bend and another institution.

    • You must submit a copy of your current course registration at the other institution to OISS by the end of the first week of classes for each semester you are concurrently enrolled.
    • You must be enrolled in at least an equal number of credits at IU South Bend as you will enroll in the other school. For example, an undergraduate could take six credits at IU and six credits at another school. However, if you would like to take the majority of your classes (more than half) at another school, please submit a transfer out request.
      • NOTE: Be careful about summer sessions at a secondary institution since they may not have the same start and end dates at IU South Bend which would affect which semester the grades would be reflected in your transcript.
    • If you are in the final semester of your program of study, you cannot be enrolled in classes only at a second institution. This means you must also be taking classes at IU South Bend, and you must be enrolled in equal an number or greater number of credits at IU South Bend.
    • You are responsible for getting your credits transferred to IU South Bend. You will need to submit your transcripts to the Office of International Student Services. If you are transferring in credits during your final semester at IU South Bend, be aware that timing is crucial for you to maintain your status. Failure to transfer credits in a timely manner could result in the loss of OPT work authorization and the loss in the ability to remain in the US legally.