International Student Orientation

Spring 2023 Arrival to Campus

Orientation for Spring 2023 will take place on January 3, 2023, beginning at 8:30am in the Alumni Room, Second Floor, Administration Building.
Please arrive in South Bend in enough time to join us, as attendance is mandatory.

Orientation Schedule and Activities

International Student Orientation will be offered as online modules that you will be able to access from your IU Canvas account. Please look for an email message from the Office of International Student Services with links to the modules.

You will learn about:

  • Expectations, strategies and resources for academic success
  • Your rights and responsibilities as a student with F-1 visa status
  • Indiana University health insurance and health care in the U.S.; how to stay safe and healthy
  • Indiana driver’s license, auto insurance, and the role of a Social Security Number
  • Managing your administrative and financial accounts; access to scholarships
  • Policies and laws that govern student conduct

If you have any questions about International Student Orientation, please contact the Office of International Student Services at