Admitted Transfer Students

Have you been admitted to IU South Bend as a Transfer Student?

Your credit transfer report

Once you are admitted to IU South Bend, we will evaluate your official transcript(s). After your transfer credit has been evaluated, your Credit Transfer Report (CTR) can be viewed through One.IU. Please remember that you must submit all your college transcripts in order for us to make a full evaluation. This will include any college transcripts for credit earned while still in high shcool.

If there was course work “in progress” at time of admission, you must submit an official copy of the final transcript with grades or a note of withdrawal assigned for each course listed.

Service Indicators (Holds) for Transcripts: Student records are assigned a Service Indicator inhibiting enrollment for the next semester until the final transcript is submitted. You should work with the Office of Admissions to resolve any difficulties in obtaining the official, final transcript.

Students who are not awarded credit as anticipated may appeal.

  • General Education Substitutions: Transfer students may petition to have a course taken at another school or campus fulfill a General Education requirement. In such cases, you should review the description of the General Education requirement in the relevant category and consult with your academic advisors before filing a petition. These appeals must be submitted to the General Education Committee. More information about this process is linked here.
  • Other Credit Appeals: If a student and Academic Advisor determine that the appeal is not one requesting a review of General Education requirements, a student, with the support of the Academic Advisor, may submit a transfer credit appeal petition to the Office of Admissions.