I'm ready to apply as a transfer student

As you prepare to make your application, please keep in mind

  • A student may transfer to IU South Bend with at least 12 transferrable credits and a 2.0/4.0 cumulative GPA for all post-secondary course work earned. Students with less than 12 credits of transferrable credit must meet our first-year admission requirements.
  • It is important that a student notifies IU South Bend if transcripts will arrive under a name other than the one listed on the application.
  • Applicants must submit ALL college transcripts. Students must submit an official transcript from each post-secondary institution at which they were enrolled.
  • The grades for course work transferred in IS NOT calculated as part of the IU GPA. Course work that is transferred is not assigned a grade in transfer and not calculated as part of your IU GPA.
  • Some course work may be too “old” to count toward meeting certain degree requirements in the College of Health Sciences.
  • Course work, generally speaking, does not have an expiration date for transfer, but for some programs, such as Dental Hygiene or Nursing, science course work may need to be repeated if it was completed outside the set limits. Be sure to ask your Admission Counselor to discuss this issue with you.
  • Transfer credit can be distributed and ***undistributed.
  • Courses for which IU South Bend does not have a course-to-course equivalency can sometimes be transferred in as undistributed (UNDI) credit. The decision as to how these UNDI credits will fit into a degree program is made by the school or division in which a student will pursue a degree, but it may be necessary to submit syllabi and course descriptions in order for a course-to-course equivalency to be granted.
It’s possible that not all credit transferred meets degree requirements.

It is vital to remember that even though credit may be transferred in, the credit may not count toward meeting degree requirements. For example, you may have 60 credits of course work in a particular major. This course work may be transferred in, but if you plan to pursue a degree in a very different field of study, it may be that not all of this credit will meet the requirements of the new degree program.

Once you are admitted, individual schools/colleges and departments at IU South Bend will determine how transferred credit will apply toward your degree requirements.

You should discuss degree goals with your Admission Counselor and after admission, with an Academic Advisor, to remain on target with your degree program.